Fit Town Training & Exercise mission statement


To add vitality and longevity to my clients lives though fitness


Form effective partnerships with clients to develop fitness goals and strategies. Equip clients with knowledge necessary for success.

1.  Listen to my clients to understand what they want.

  1. What does success look like?
  2. Why invest in a more fit lifestyle?

2.  Ask questions to clarify and focus goals.

  1. What is the trainer's role?
  2. How can Fit Town maximize results?
  3. Explore clients past exercise/ fitness experience?

3.  Motivate my clients though positive feedback and encouragement

  1. Develop achievable goals that encourage them to continue
  2. Help clients understand the benefits of pursuing a more fit lifestyle
  3. Hold clients accountable while supporting them in a positive way
4.  Educate clients on fundamentals of a fit lifestyle
  1. Ensure client has necessary knowledge to maintain success
  2. Develop programs that address all goals